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Reach The Needy, Inc, is a non-profit organization aimed at helping the impoverished children of Malawi by providing for their basic needs such as clean water, food, clothing, and shelter. It is unfortunate to see children dying in the 21st century because of lack of basic needs while there are so many resources available to help these children. Therefore, Reach The Needy is committed to become the catalyst for change in Malawi by impacting the children and creating the brighter future that they deserve.

We will do all we can to also help children to go back to school and support them accordingly.

A visit by one of our partners from US, Owen and Vanessa brought some joy to some kids. Click here to read more.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Mutual Beneficial Donor/Beneficially Relationship
  • Team Work
  • Hard Work
  • Excellence